There will be plenty of time later to learn how to use every feature — here's what you should do right away:

  1. Go to the Products tab and enable some products. You can enable products one-by-one or as a collection.

  2. After you've enabled at least one product, your store will show up in our inventory here. This is where creators can find products to sell.

  3. Go to the Creators tab and use the Add creator button to add a creator that you're interested in working with. If you can't think of anyone, try your own Instagram account.

  4. Go to the My creators view to see the creator that you just added. If you know their email as you, you can add it and then send them an invite to become an affiliate for your brand.

Now you should be ready to use the core functionality of the Social Selling app. We suggest adding more creators (try adding by CSV or connecting your Instagram to speed up the process) and then inviting them to work with your brand!

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