When working with standard affiliates in Social Selling, there are three main ways that affiliates can promote your products.

Each affiliate will have their own affiliate link that they can share. You'll set a commission rate for all affiliate links, but also be able to override the standard commission rate with a custom commission for each affiliate if you want to.

If your commission rate is 20%, an affiliate will earn $20 on a $100 purchase made through an affiliate link.

Promo codes

Each affiliate will also have their own promo code, e.g., NEALJEAN. You can change the promo code for each afffiliate, and you'll need to set a coupon rate and coupon (promo) commission.

If your coupon rate is 10% and your coupon commission is 20%, the customer will get a 10% discount on a $100 product and pay $90, then the affiliate will earn a $20 commission on top of that. The merchant receives $90 - $20 = $70 in this scenario.

Promo links operate with the same math as promo codes, except that the customer doesn't need to enter the promo code at checkout.

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