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How to Create a Beacons Account
How to Create a Beacons Account
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Welcome to the Beacons! 🥳

Beacons has many apps that you can use in all stages of your content creator journey.

  • Link in Bio page builder, where you can set up a customizable, free, and easy-to-edit personal website!

  • Email Marketing tool lets you send emails directly to your subscribers. Take full control over your communication with your audience with this email marketing tool made just for creators. Trust us, email doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. This is the simple email solution you've been waiting for.

  • Store App, your central storefront for fans, to sell your digital products including ebooks, guides, files, and PDFs, directly to your fans right from your Beacons page. You can link directly to your products from anywhere on the web and take fans straight to your store—plus, you can sell these products through your Link in Bio and emails.

  • Audience Manager is another tool that helps you build stronger relationships with your subscribers by providing you with insights on your audience. With the ability to find, filter, and export subscriber data in one clean dashboard, you'll be able to learn which channels your subscribers are coming from and get more clarity on the breakdown of your audience.

  • Post Activity is an app that allows you to connect your social media accounts and track all your post activity across all your social media accounts in one view. Set posting goals and track your progress to stay accountable. No need to switching between different apps or hacking together your own data—it’s all right here for you in your Beacons account!

  • Our Media Kit builder, which is a digital resume of your work as a creator to pitch yourself to brands. Your Beacons Media Kit includes your past projects, highlights, and engagement stats across all social channels that are updated automatically. No manual updates needed!

  • AI Brand Outreach tool to create personalized, professional messages in seconds that are ready for you to send to brands and pitch yourself. No more self-doubt, wasted time, and sending emails into the abyss.

  • Invoicing can be used to create professional invoices when you do work with brands or partners. You can easily create, send, and track an Invoice with a few clicks and turn on automatic follow ups to make sure you get paid on time.

  • Use this hand in hand with our Pricing Calculator to determine how much you should charge for brand deals. We do the math to help you earn what you deserve!

  • Income Dashboard is where you can track your income each monthly across multiple accounts and sources. No more spreadsheets—just use this one simple dashboard to understand your income and get customized insights on how to grow.

  • W-9 Generator, which helps you manage your taxes throughout the year instead of needing a stressful, last-minute scramble around tax season. W-9 forms are required every time you get paid as a freelancer. With Beacons, you can attach a W-9 to every invoice to complete in real-time—you save time and stay organized for when tax season rolls around.

  • Early Pay app helps you get super fast payouts on brand deals when you post your content. Payday can truly be every day, instead of needing to wait for Net 30 or even Net 60 contract terms.

  • The Link Shortener lets you supercharge any link by converting it to a custom, short URL that is easier to share. Quickly and easily generate these links and track their clicks and analytics in one place—your Beacons account!

Let's Get Started! 🤩

If you have any other questions, please contact our creator support team by emailing [email protected]!

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