Welcome to the Beacons! 🥳

Beacons has three products that you can use in all stages of your content creator journey.

  • There’s a link in bio page builder that is completely customizable, easy to set up, and free - to help you carve out your slice of the internet and connect with your followers!

  • Then, there’s the Media Kit builder, which lets you create an digital resume of your work as a creator, to pitch yourself to brands and negotiate bigger and better brand deals!

  • Lastly, there are the invoicing tools, which let you create professional invoices for projects you’ve done - in just a few clicks!

Let's Get Started! 🤩

  1. Reminder that what you put for your username will be your Beacons url.

Make sure you read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy prior to joining!

2. Continue with an email, a Google account or a Facebook account.

3. To help you get started, you will get prompts to help assist you during the start of
creating your Beacons page! 🎉

4. You are now ready to start customizing! 🙌🏽

Make sure you verify your email prior to building out your page!

If you have any other questions, please contact our creator support team by emailing [email protected]!

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