Here's how you can upgrade your Beacons account from Creator to Entrepreneur levels!

Login to your Beacons account and click on the UPGRADE button, or visit MY ACCOUNTS and upgrade to a plan there.

For plan details and pricing, click here.

*TIP: You are now able to pay using our ANNUAL PLAN, which gets you 30% for the year! (Save $36!)

3. After selecting a plan, you may proceed to checkout.
(If have a subscription discount coupon, you can redeem it here by clicking the apply coupon button.)

4. Add your account, payment details, and complete your order.
(You are able to connect your PayPal for payment as well!)

You're all set! Thank you for being a Beacons Entrepreneur! 🤩

If you have any questions, please contact our creator support team by emailing [email protected]. 🥳

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