1. Go to Design | Beacons

Go to Account | Beacons

2. You are able to choose ready-made themes!

Click on @nameā€¦

3. Or, If you click on Customize, you are able to design every aspect of your page!

Starting with your Block Style:

Click on Navigation header minor section - Design Customize

4. Now, moving on to the background! Image:

You are able to upload your own image or search images through Unsplash.

Click on Image

5. Color:

You are able to choose 2 different colors and the gradient style you'd like!

Click on Color

6. Video:

You are able to search videos through Coverr.

Click on Video

7. You're able to change your colors on your page!

You are able to customize your blocks, text, button text, links, and buttons colors!

Click on Blocksā€¦

8. Here are 15 different fonts to choose from!

Click on Click here to choose from 1024 fontsā€¦

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support

team by emailing [email protected].

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