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Ever struggle with pricing, because the industry is relatively opaque and pricing personal creativity is incredibly anxiety-inducing?

Beacons offers a pricing calculator that guides you for how much you should charge brands! We do the math to help you earn what you deserve!

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  2. How many followers do you have? What platform and deliverable are the brands requesting for?

  3. Don't just stop there!

  4. Add more details to better calculate your recommended rate!


Does the brand require usage rights to your content?
The length of usage rights granted to the brand impacts how much you should charge. Please select the term of usage rights that the brand demands. Contracts may include “global rights in perpetuity” to mean usage rights to your content forever.

Will the brand whitelist your content?

Allowing brands to whitelist impacts how much you should charge. Whitelisting grants the brand access to your account to optimize paid media behind your content.

Is the brand asking for a direct call-to-action (CTA)?

Required call-to-action impacts how much you should charge. Brands may ask you to include a direct call-to-action (ie. requesting an action from your followers in your post and/or link-in-bio).

Does the brand require exclusivity?

Exclusivity terms impact how much you should charge. Exclusivity is when the brand outlines other brand competitors that you cannot work with for a specified duration.

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