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Product FAQs
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Link in bio

  • Q: Where can you use your Beacons link?

    A: You can put your Beacons link on any social platform. When fans click your link in bio, they will land on your Beacons page and find even more of your content and discover ways to support you.

    You can also share your Beacons link any way you choose—in your email list to help your subscribers find your content, on your resume, in your media kit, etc.

    Your Beacons link is unique to you, so share it as if it’s your own personal website…because it is!

  • Q: Why should I build a Beacons link in bio?

    A: Creators use Beacons because it helps them create the best version of themselves online in an engaging landing page. Beacons is easy to use, endlessly customizable, and brings everything you do into one link to share across all your social platforms.

    This translates into growth in your audience, sales, and engagement. Your Beacons page also offers you more customization features, more opportunities to make money, more personalized and insightful analytics, and a better understanding of channel traffic. *And it’s all for free.

Audience Manager

  • Q: How do you contact fans in your Audience Manager?

    A: You have the option to customize your Audience Manager to send an automatic welcome email when a subscriber first joins. You can also use the contact information in your Audience Manager to contact fans directly through email or SMS. You can send this information directly to an integrated third party platform like Zapier, download a CSV of contact information, or create emails to send to your fans right from Beacons with our Email Marketing tool.

  • Q: How do you build up your subscriber list?

    A: Visitors to your link in bio page can subscribe to your community through the "Email Signup" link block. You can customize the settings on your signup block, so visitors can enter their email address or phone number in order to subscribe. You can even add a custom field to collect any additional information you choose—like fans' names, countries, or favorite colors. All of this information will be stored in your Audience Manager.

  • Q: Why do creators need an audience tool?

    An audience manager allows creators to build and maintain quality data on their subscribers. By having more information on who their fans are, creators can learn more about their audiences across different platforms.

    Building an audience database expands the ways creators can reach their audience directly, with full control over their subscriber lists. With more personal and direct contact, creators can turn followers into true fans and build more a more connected and engaged fanbase.

Email Marketing

  • Q: Why is email marketing important for creators?

    A: Email allows you to communicate directly to your true fans, without the need to rely on a third party platform. You can promote events to sell out your shows, grow sales by promoting products and merchandise, engage fans with updates on your content and business, and build your brand with a newsletter of your latest ideas.


  • Q: What are the fees for selling on Beacons?

    A: Currently, platform fees on Beacons are 0% commission on sales for users on the paid subscription plan, and 9% for users on the Creator plan.

Media kit

  • Q: How does a media kit help me get brand deals?

    A: A media kit can help you get both inbound and outbound brand deals. Once you have a media kit, brands can easily find the information they need about you as a creator. They can reach out to you through your media kit and submit an inquiry—plus, you have the option to see who has viewed your media kit with our gating features.

    You can also use your media kit to pitch yourself to brands with confidence. Send your media kit to brands that you want to work with and begin a conversation about how you can be a strong partner for this brand. Using your media kit to start these conversations gives you more negotiating power and sets you up to look professional.

  • Q: Why do I need a media kit?

    A: A media kit is a creator's digital resume showing their following, engagement, demographics, and past work. Your media kit is an easy way to quickly communicate to brands why you'll be a great marketing partners. You have unique value that you can bring to every partnership—through your voice, your content, and your fans.

    It's time to show that off and turn your dream brand deals into a reality! With Beacons, you can create a media kit for free that automatically updates your engagement stats for you.

    No more manual updates or sending screenshots. Our media kit also includes advanced sharing features so you can share with those you want but still have ultimate control and privacy.


  • Q: Why should I send an invoice as a creator?

    A: Invoices are professional requests for payment for content or services. After you've been contracted for content or services and sent your deliverable, send an invoice to the brand or partner. This invoice tells them how much to pay you, and how to send your payment.

    Using an invoicing system helps you stay on top of your income. You can track all of your expected payments in one place and see invoices that are paid, due, and outstanding. This helps ensure that you always get paid on time for your hard work as a creator.

    Invoicing helps you build professional processes and scale your creator business. Put these good practices into place now and save yourself time and worry!

Pricing calculator

  • Q: Should I ever adjust these rates higher or lower?

    A: The brand deal calculator is a powerful tool for setting and owning your base rates, which is the first steps to taking ownership over your pricing.

    You can always take other factors into consideration to adjust this rate, particularly if additional time or materials are needed. Some factors to consider at the cost of materials, the agreed upon number of edits, etc. Introducing these to your sponsored content, in addition to the content deliverable, would be good opportunities to increase your prices. Working on content that might lead to additional future opportunities with that brand or others might be times you'd want to consider lower prices than usual.

  • Q: How are sponsored rates calculated?

    A: Beacons uses real creator data on brand deals to power our calculator. We have over 2 million creators using Beacons and thousands of creators already using our media kit to pitch brand deals and we are constantly gathering new, up to date information on brand deal pricing.

    We use data based on platform, audience size, content deliverable, brand size, usage rights, whitelisting rights, exclusivity rights, and CTAs to calculate rates for sponsored content.

W-9 Generator

  • Q: What is a W-9 and why do I need one?

    A: A W-9 is a tax form that is required every time you are paid as a freelancer. W-9 forms need to be completed by people who classify themselves as freelancers or contractors, are not paid full-time by the business they are doing work for, and are being paid more than $600 for their work.

    W-9 forms are used by the IRS to estimate what taxes are owed by the freelancers or contractors who are paid for services to a business. Using Beacons to generate your W-9 makes it easy to include a W-9 tax form every time you work with a brand, so when it comes time for tax season, you already have all the forms you need from your work throughout the year.

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