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Connect your socials to get your post insights

Beacons uses Phyllo to automatically connect and showcase your social analytics data into one view. With Insights, you can easily track your activity and across all your social accounts.

Set and achieve your growth goals

Unlock your optimal posting schedule by planning and analyzing your posts across all your connected social platforms. See insights on activity, followers, and engagement all in one dashboard. Learn, build accountability, and start hitting your goals.

How can you use it?

  • Learn what channels work for you

  • Build consistency

  • See cross-platform insights

  • Hit your posting goals

  • Create accountability

  • Analyze your cadence

  • Compare content formats

🔒 We respect your privacy

We only import the activity you connect with using Phyllo.

📈 We’ll track everything for you

We’ll update your dashboard automatically and share trends and insights with you.

If you have forgot your email address associated with your Beacons account, please contact our Creator Support Team by emailing [email protected].

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