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Intro to Beacons Email Marketing
Intro to Beacons Email Marketing
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Communicate directly to your true fans

Email is the one platform you can truly own. Take full control over your communication with fans and subscribers with our new email marketing tool made just for creators. It's the simple email solution you've been waiting for.

When it comes to email marketing, the welcome email might be the most important first thing to get right.

If you have email marketing ambitions but you’re not sure how to start, start with your welcome email. If the welcome email ends up being the only email blast you ever send, that alone is worth the effort. It’s just that important. Here’s why: Your welcome email will almost certainly be your most opened email ever, and by a lot. Studies show that welcome emails get anywhere from 100-400% higher opens and 500% higher clicks than the average newsletter email. Email is already the best performing channel for “deep conversions” — which is a fancy way of saying you’re making a big ask, like to buy something or download something, etc. So if you have a compelling offer or ask — like a discount code or a link to your latest most important piece of content — put it in your welcome email!

Send emails directly to your audience. It's the simplest and cheapest email marketing tool out there.

  1. Send a Broadcast or an Automation email by clicking on +Add Email!

  2. You can start with using one of our Templates to get you started, or start from scratch!

  3. Whatever you decide to choose, you can then start customizing your email with our inline editor! Click the (+) to add new blocks!

    1. You can also customize the design of your email such as the font, colors, background, etc!

    2. Add your store items here as free downloads or for sale!

  4. Make sure you add a captivating Subject Line! You can also change the Sender name as well as the Reply-to Email!

  5. Send this email to your entire email list, a group, or to specific recipients!

  6. Lastly, you can send this email now or schedule to send it out later! Preview this email in your own inbox by sending yourself a test!


  1. Create a welcome email

    Instantly welcome your fans to your email list with an automatic email that is easy to set up.

  2. Showcase new content

    Tell your most engaged fans about your new content before anyone else. Send emails featuring your content with unique calls to action.

  3. Send special offers

    Engage your subscriber list with special offers, sales, and discount codes, sent straight to their inboxes.

💡 You can choose to have this email as a broadcast or an automation!


Why is email marketing important for creators?

Email allows you to communicate directly to your true fans, without the need to rely on a third party platform. You can promote events to sell out your shows, grow sales by promoting products and merchandise, engage fans with updates on your content and business, and build your brand with a newsletter of your latest ideas.

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