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Set Up a Lead Magnet
Set Up a Lead Magnet
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You can create a lead magnet from your Beacons Link in Bio page to collect contact information and then automatically send emails to your subscribers. You can set this up through our Email Marketing tool, which integrates directly with your Link in Bio. In combination with both of these tools, you can also use our Audience Manager to create groups of users and send emails to particular groups. All of these tools are available within your Beacons account and you can explore them in the App Marketplace.

Here's a set-by-step walkthrough of setting up a lead magnet by using Beacons 😎

1) Start off by adding an email sign up block to your Link in Bio page!

2) On your Link in Bio setup, click "Add a block" and then go to the "Audience building" tab. Add the block for "Email & SMS."

3) Then, click in to edit that block. You can then customize this block and choose the information you'd like to collect, and what you want the lead magnet copy to say.

4) You can then choose to send this contact info that you collect directly to Beacons, and set up an Automatic Welcome Email to send them an email with a thank you, a free download, etc. You can do this all directly from within Beacons.

5) Lastly, on the right-hand side, you can preview what this lead capture block will look like as you make edits and customizations.

If you'd like additional information about setting up the welcome email, we have a great resource on it here: How to Set Up a Welcome Email.

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