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How to Set up Your Beacons Store App in Minutes!
How to Set up Your Beacons Store App in Minutes!
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  1. Add the store app from the app marketplace

  2. Create your Product + Customize it

    1. Name your product and configure it’s details

    2. Key Pieces:

      1. Product page description (Tell your customers why they should buy your product. Keep it casual and pretend you’re talking to them face to face - what would you tell them about your item to convince them they need it in their lives?)

      2. Add your product file or link (You can upload up to six files or add a url to redirect your customers to post purchase)

      3. Set up your Product Thumbnail (This is what appears on your LiB or in your emails so set the thumbnail image, description and custom CTA)


        1. Customize your background color + font so it matches your personal brand

        2. Add Reviews

          1. Social proof sells! If you’ve sold your product on another platform or had customers DM you with feedback feel free to add it manually here. Once you launch your product Beacons makes adding reviews easy with our automated review collection

        3. Checkout Settings (Set Custom Fields)

          1. Beacons automatically adds your customers information to your Audience Manager app making it super easy to re-email them or export their emails to a CRM of your choosing. With Beacons you can also ask your customers for their phone number and a custom field

        4. Personalize your confirmation email (Update + personalize the confirmation email your customers get with the link to download your product)

  3. Set up your Payment Methods

    1. We support Stripe (including Google + Apple Pay) + PayPal making it easy for your customers to pay however they want to maximize your sales

  4. Publish your Product

    1. Share your product via your Link in Bio, embed it in an email or share a link directly. The more views your product page gets the more you sell so don’t be afraid to let your fans know about your awesome new product. With Beacons, every product you make automatically has a dedicated landing page so you don’t have to publish it to your LiB in order to start selling!

    2. Have a product you only want to send to previous customers? Just add the link directly in your email. Only want the product to be purchase-able for 24h? Add a link directly to the product page from your instagram story!

  5. Watch your sales roll in!

    1. With Beacons analytics, it’s easy to keep track of your sales + views so you know how to increase your sales

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