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How to Use Email Sequencing and the Store App to Drive Repeat Purchases and Increase Sales
How to Use Email Sequencing and the Store App to Drive Repeat Purchases and Increase Sales
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In this guide, we will walk you through the process of leveraging sequences in our email marketing app to drive repeat purchases and increase your overall sales volume. By using post-purchase emails with discount codes, you can incentivize customers to make additional purchases and create a positive customer experience. Let's get started!

Step 1: Open up your Email Marketing App and access the Automations Tab.

  1. Log in to your email marketing app. Navigate to the automations tab.

  2. Click on "Create a New Automation."

Step 2: Selecting an Email Template In the automation setup, you will find a variety of email templates to choose from.

  1. Select the "Coupon Code" template for this example. (This template allows you to thank your customers for their purchase and offer them a discount code for future purchases.)

Step 3: Setting up Automation Triggers Choose the appropriate trigger for your post-purchase email.

  1. In this example, we want to send the email to customers who have downloaded the free lead magnet.

  2. Save your trigger settings.

Step 4: Scheduling the Email

  1. Decide when you want the email to be sent to customers after their purchase.

    1. In this case, we'll choose to send it one day after the purchase. (Set the timing preferences according to your needs.)

Step 5: Editing the Email Content

  1. Customize the subject line to make it catchy and concise.

  2. Personalize the email content by adding or removing blocks as needed.

  3. Emphasize the discount code and create a sense of urgency to drive immediate action.

  4. Include a button that links to your store or specific product pages.

  5. Finalize the Email Design

    1. Arrange the content elements to create an appealing email layout.

    2. Add dividers to enhance visual separation if desired.

Step 6: Adding Product Thumbnails to the Email

  1. To make it easy for customers to buy additional products, you can add product thumbnails directly to the email.

    1. Enable the option to include your digital products in the email.

    2. If any product thumbnails are missing, head to your Store App and add an image to it.

Step 7: Creating Discount Codes

  1. Access your store settings within the email marketing app.

  2. Navigate to the price discount and sales section.

  3. Create the discount codes you mentioned in the email. (For example, "Get 20" for a 20% discount.)

  4. Apply the discount codes to the relevant products in your store.

Step 9: Activate the Automation

  1. Give your automation a name for easy reference.

  2. Activate the automation to start sending post-purchase emails.

    ​Congratulations! You have successfully set up a post-purchase email automation sequence to drive repeat purchases and increase sales. Your customers will now receive a follow-up email with a discount code, encouraging them to explore and purchase additional products from your store. If you have any other pressing questions about this, please email [email protected]!

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