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PayPal Enable Multiple Currencies
PayPal Enable Multiple Currencies

Enable multiple currencies on PayPal to support global payments.

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To accept payments in foreign currencies with PayPal, you must do one of two methods. This video outlines both methods:

Method 1: Turn on individual currencies

On your PayPal dashboard, in the menu go to Finance -> Money. Here is a deeplink if it helps: Then click on "+ Add a currency" and add the currencies you wish to accept.

Method 2: Accept all currencies

On your PayPal dashboard, in the top-right menu click "Account Settings" and then go to "Payment preferences" on the left navigation. Find the section that says "Block payments" and click "Update" next to it. Here is a deeplink that might help:

You MUST choose one of these options to accept foreign currencies:

  1. Accept all payments and convert all to U.S. Dollars.

  2. Accept all payments without converting the currency, either adding to an existing balance or creating a new holding currency where needed.

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