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How to resend product to a buyer?
How to resend product to a buyer?

Guide on how re-send product emails to buyers who might not have gotten their order.

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If you need to resend a product file or link to a customer who may have missed their initial order email, this article will guide you through the simple steps to accomplish this on the Beacons Store platform.

The 2 most common issues with order deliverability are the email being accidentally put in the buyers Spam folder or the order link expiring before the buyer views it.

Steps to Resend an Order to a Buyer

  1. Login to the Beacons Store: Start by accessing your account on the Beacons Store. Use your login credentials to sign in here.

  2. Click on the Orders Tab: Once you are logged in, Look for the "Orders" tab and click on it to access the orders section. (It will be at the top of your screen on desktop and bottom on Mobile)

  3. Select the Buyer's Order: In the orders table, you will see a list of orders, including the buyers' email. Find the email for the buyer you want to resend the order email to.

  4. Resend Order Email: Click on the row containing the buyer's email. This will open a side drawer with further details about the order. Look for the button that says "Resend Order Email" and select it.

Following these steps will resend the order email to the customer. They will receive a new email with the product file or link, ensuring that they have another opportunity to access their purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact our creator support

team by emailing [email protected].

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