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This article describes how you can connect your PayPal account and enable payment plans for store purchases.

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Currently the Beacons store supports payment plans through PayPal's Pay Later feature. Our team is currently working enabling other payment options which you can vote on here.

PayPal offers a great 'Pay Later' option to make payments much easier for your buyers on Beacons, they can choose to pay you in full, or split the payment into installments. Even better you get the entire payment straight away, and PayPal deals with the rest.

How to Enable Pay Later on Beacons Store

  1. Click on Connect, next to the PayPal logo

  2. Follow the steps to connect your account

  3. You must click Go back to Beacons AI inc. in order for the setup process to be completed.

What your customer will see at Checkout after Connecting PayPal

When the select the Pay Later option they will complete checkout and have payment options depending on the price of the product and pay in 4 or monthly.

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How Pay Later Works

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support

team by emailing [email protected].

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