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How to Create a Membership in Beacons Store
How to Create a Membership in Beacons Store

This article explains how to create a membership in the Beacons Store

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Creating a membership gives you recurring revenue from your top fans, and is a great way to offer them excessive content and experience.

Steps to Creating a Membership

  1. Go to the Beacons Store

  2. Select New Product

  3. Choose the Membership Product Type

You can now begin to edit and customize your membership product page just like any other product on Beacons Store.

Memberships are different from other product types because they have recurring payments.

Updating Memberships Pricing & Frequency

  1. Click on the membership you want to edit

2. Click on the Sections menu

3. Select Recurring Price section

4. Click Edit Price button

5. You can now begin adjusting the price, frequency and currency of the membership.

You can also choose to set your membership price to appear as on sale to help drive signups and signal a deal to your buyers.

🚨 After the first purchase of your membership the price and frequency of the membership can not be changed. Make sure you check to confirm everything likes right

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support

team by emailing [email protected].

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