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How to Sell Physical Products on Your Beacons StoreThis article will teach you how to sell a physical product that requires shipping through Beacons creator store.
How to Set up Your Beacons Store App in Minutes!
How to Create Courses in Beacons StoreThis article will show you how to create a course on the Beacons store.
How to Use Email Sequencing and the Store App to Drive Repeat Purchases and Increase Sales
Changing my Product Currency in Beacons StoreInstructions for changing the currency in which you sell products on Beacons. USD, BRL, CAD, CHF, DZK, DKK, EUR, GDP, NZD and more supported
Beacons Store Transaction FeesBeacons fees for store transactions and payment processors transaction fees. Beacons currently supports PayPal and Stripe.
When will I receive my payout from Store Sales?Sellers on Beacon's store can expect prompt payouts for their sales, thanks to secure partners Stripe and PayPal.
How will customers access my digital products?Buyers access digital products instantly via a success screen or through email confirmation with download links. Links are valid for 7 days.
PayPal Enable Multiple CurrenciesEnable multiple currencies on PayPal to support global payments.
How to Refund Your CustomersThis article explains how to refund buyers purchases on the Beacons Store
How to Check Multiple Google Calendars for Booking Conflicts
How to set product inventory limits on digital productsThis article will explain how to set product sales limits or inventory for digital products
How to Use Beacon's Store Product ImporterThis article describes how to use the product importer to easily import products from Stan, Snipfeed, Shopify, Etsy, PayHip & Gumroad
How to resend product to a buyer?Guide on how re-send product emails to buyers who might not have gotten their order.
PayPal: Pay LaterThis article describes how you can connect your PayPal account and enable payment plans for store purchases.
How to Create a Membership in Beacons StoreThis article explains how to create a membership in the Beacons Store
How to Receive Store Membership PaymentsThis article explains what you need to do to accept membership payments through the Beacons Store.
How much did I pay in store fees?This article explains where you can find the breakdown of fees in the Beacons store by product. It also includes definitions of the terms.
How to create a Coupon code in Beacons StoreThis article will teach you how to create a discount code/coupon for any product in the Beacons store.
How to Enable Payment Plans in Beacons StoreThis article teaches you how to enable payment plans powered by Affirm and Klarna in the Beacons Store.
Enabling Google Pay for Beacons StoreThis article explains when Google Pay will show up as a payment option on Beacons store pages.
How to connect your Shopify account to Beacons StoreThis article will provide you instructions to connect your Shopify store to your Beacons Store
How to add Verified Reviews to ProductsThis article will explain how to add verified reviews to your products in Beacons Store.
Where to find your Shopify store nameThis article will teach you how to find your Shopify store name to connect it to your Beacons Store.
How to add a Beacons store item to your Link in Bio store blockThis article will explain how to list and publish your products in the Beacons store on your Beacons link in bio block.
How to Edit your Store Block Layout
How to Setup Apple PayThis article will cover how to setup Apple Pay for all of your Beacons store products. Stripe is required to enable Apple Pay.
How to Cancel a Membership in Beacons Store
How to add Terms and Conditions to Store productsThis article will explain how to add custom terms and conditions your buyers will opt-into when making a purchase in your Beacons store.
International Payment Plans on Beacons Store
Order Bumps: Boost Your Sales with Beacons